To serve as a Brancardier during the pilgrimage in Lourdes you must be ready to:.

Attend training sessions as arranged to meet the statutory and logistical requirements associated with the role.

Help and assist the sick pilgrims with baggage and equipment during their travel to/from Lourdes.

Assist the Senior Hospitalite Team with loading and unloading of equipment and movement of sick pilgrims at departure and arrival points, airports, train stations, ferry terminals and Accueil.

Support the Senior Hospitalite Team with establishing the facilities required at the Accueil on the day of arrival and clearing the ward efficiently on the day of departure.

Follow the spiritual programme of the pilgrimage.

Give support and help to sick pilgrims throughout the pilgrimage as required under the direction of your Team Leader.

Be available to support sick pilgrims to fulfil their personal requirements during the pilgrimage (visits to Grotto, attend confession, other services, shopping etc) subject to the prior approval of the Matron, or nurse in charge, and your Team Leader.

Assist the medical team(s) with the personal requirements of sick pilgrims (lifting in and out of air seat, lifting in and out of bed, washing, dressing, undressing, toileting and bathing etc) as required under the direction of your Team Leader.

Take sick pilgrims to all services and events under the direction of your Team Leader, using wheelchairs and voitures.

Accompany Priests at Masses during the distribution of Holy Communion.

Assist with the anointing of the sick pilgrims as required.

Provide a security service at the Accueil, if requested by your Team Leader.

Support the requirements of sick pilgrims residing in Hotels as required under the direction of your Team Leader.

Undertake additional duties as requested by the Chief Brancardier, Deputy Chief Brancardier(s), Team Leader(s), or other member of the Senior Hospitalite Team commensurate with the role of a Brancardier.