Role of Handmaid:

Work en-route making sick pilgrims comfortable, making beds and providing all meals.
Help wash and dress sick pilgrims.
Serve meals to sick pilgrims in restaurant and in wards.
Help with feeding where necessary.
Relay tables and clean restaurant after use.
Make beds, clean all rooms and bathrooms.
Wash clothing when required.
Accompany sick pilgrims to all services.
Escort sick to the baths.
Provide refreshments at other times of the day to sick pilgrims.
Help sick pilgrims at bedtime.
Outside their duty rota many handmaids accompany sick pilgrims shopping.

The Handmaids work with all the other Hospitalite members to ensure the smooth running of the pilgrimage. 
They have been caring for the sick pilgrims since the foundation of the Birmingham Diocesan Pilgrimage.
The handmaid’s role is multifunctional and covers many areas both practical and spiritual.
They care for the sick pilgrims in the wards, at ceremonies and at the baths.
They also look after the meals either in the Refectory or the wards. 
Throughout the day, the Handmaid’s primary role is to look after the well being of the sick and to ensure that they are treated with respect.
They also assist and accompany the sick on shopping trips and to the trip to Bartres.

The sick pilgrims’ spiritual needs are the main focus of the Pilgrimage.

The Handmaids accompany the sick pilgrims to ceremonies and on visits to the Grotto, the focal point of Lourdes. 

Working with the Pilgrimage brings a two-fold reward – the joy of seeing the sick pilgrims experience Lourdes and the joy of being privileged to help. Lourdes is a wonderful place, full of love, sharing and caring.  Here friendships are made in a moment and last a lifetime.