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Alison Reed is the currently the Chief Nurse and travels to Lourdes with a team of  Registered  Nurses and Carers.
The role of the nurse is underpinned by a philosophy of care that places the Sick Pilgrim at the core of care giving and maintains a sensitive approach to meeting individual needs in a holistic and respectful manner.
The work of the Nurse starts long before the trip to Lourdes.
They visit potential Sick Pilgrims in their place of residence to assess their needs and plan for their nursing care while in Lourdes.
These are extremely important visits as they provide the first point of face-to-face contact with the Sick Pilgrim. It is an opportunity to clarify the specific needs of each Sick Pilgrim and allay any concerns they may have in relation to travelling to Lourdes.


Dr Patricia Crosby is the current Chief Medical Officer and she brings along with her a team of qualified doctors,including Dr Marilyn Browne who is the Clinical Lead during the pilgrimage. During the 6 day trip to Lourdes, they look after the medical needs of the Sick Pilgrims on a round-the-clock rota basis.
In the months prior to travelling to Lourdes some of this team are also involved in the selection of the Sick Pilgrims.


Working as a volunteer is a very rewarding and memorable experience and once you have travelled as a volunteer you would probably say, “this is the only way to travel to Lourdes”.

Having travelled as a volunteer there are few who do not repeat the experience time and time again.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Pilgrimage Office for further information

Please be aware of our Safeguarding policy.